Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Peaceful settlements of Disputes between states & International Court Essay

Peaceful settlements of Disputes between states & International Court of Justice - Essay Example Q2. The ICJ is the International Court of Justice, and it is the judicial branch of the UN. Its primary function is to decide legal disputes of states based on the law as it stands at the time of the decision. All members of the UN are automatically contracting parties to the Statute of the ICJ (Hernandez 43). -Contentious Jurisdiction says that the court decides disputes between States and only states can be parties to the proceedings. This means that the ICJ can only hold proceedings if they have the consent of all parties (states) involved in the dispute. All disputes must be brought on a voluntary basis. Contentious jurisdiction also says that all judgments are final and cannot be appealed. They are binding on all parties involved. Advisory Jurisdiction is in charge of providing legal advice to organs of the UN and international organizations. Advisory opinions can only be given when a legal question is asked and cannot settle any particular dispute. The court can also decline its jurisdiction based on judicial propriety (Aust

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